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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a dental cosmetic treatment which can quickly and affordably update the appearance of your teeth. Made from either a thin piece of porcelain or using a composite resin, veneers are carefully stuck to the front of your tooth to instantly update the look of your teeth.

Dental veneers can be used to disguise a variety of dental problems including:


  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Heavily stained or discoloured teeth

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Type of dental veneers in Rochester

At Eastgate Dental we offer two types of dental veneers: Porcelain and composite veneers.


Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are renowned for their quality, strength and durability. If they are well looked after, they can last between 10 and 15 years which means they are have a good long-term value. Porcelain veneers are exceptional in appearance, they have a translucent look which makes them like tooth enamel.  They are highly resistant to chipping and staining. Porcelain veneers need to be custom-made for you so the application may take a little longer than composite veneers.


Composite veneers

Veneers made from composite material is sometimes also called composite bonding. A putty like resin is moulded and applied directly to your teeth. It is hardened and fixed into place using a special light. Your teeth are then polished to give a natural looking finish.

Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers. The process for fitting these veneers is much quicker as the material is made up whilst you wait. Finally, composite veneers are a reversible process so you can remove or replace your veneers at a later stage should you wish.

Benefits of dental veneers

There are several benefits to having dental veneers fitted at Eastgate Dental. Veneers are:


  • An affordable way to quickly enhance the appearance of your teeth
  • A good way to disguise a variety of dental problems including cracked, chipped, discoloured or uneven teeth. Dental veneers make teeth appear more uniform
  • A bespoke treatment; they are made to match your existing tooth colour so that they will give a natural appearance
  • The procedure for both porcelain and composite veneers is minimally invasive. There is no need for needles, drills or tooth removal as the veneers sit over the top of your existing teeth
  • A quick way to update your look. Composite veneers can be made and applied during one appointment time, making this a same-day-treatment with instant results
  • Our friendly staff at Eastgate Dental will guide you through the process and put you at your ease

FAQ's about Veneers

How do I keep my teeth and my dental veneers clean?

You should brush and floss your teeth as usual. You should not worry about damaging your dental veneers through cleaning. By maintaining your usual oral hygiene, you will be protecting the longevity of your dental veneers.

How long do dental veneers last for?

Porcelain veneers can last between 10 and 15 years if they are well looked-after. Composite veneers usually last between 5 and 7 years.

Can I get veneers on the NHS?

Not normally no. Dental veneers are a cosmetic form of dental treatment which is considered non-essential to the health of your teeth. If you want to have veneers fitted, you will need to do so privately.

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